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Creative Music Making blended with Active Meditation

637 is a software platform and app that harnesses the powerful healing qualities of the creative music-making process and combines it with a form of active meditation that is designed to be practiced while performing tasks.


Sports Injury Rehab

The sports injury rehabilitation journey can be a very painful process and quite often, the emotional and psychological pain becomes greater than physical pain.

637 is a tool to help athletes and sports people cope with the psychological suffering experienced whilst being injured and to create a positive mental state which prepares the ground for a swift recovery.

Our Vision

Atheletes using 637 to improve their mental and emotional preparation.

Our Mission

Deliver a world leading creative music & active meditation platform to directly assist athlete rehabilitation & performance.


The Problem

Within the world of professional sport there is an ongoing issue with mental wellbeing during injury rehabilitation. This is felt across all walks of professional sport where “injuries are also associated with psychological reactions, such as feelings of loss, grief, anger, and depression” (International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology), with “rates in elite soccer [that] have substantial associations with emotional distress, financial loss, and team performance” (Journal of Applied Sport Psychology).

This can have a large detrimental affect on the recovery process.

The Solution

Project 637 is an interactive platform that brings together creative music-making and Active Meditation to support those suffering from long-term injury and aid athletes in their recovery and rehabilitation process.

Creativity, especially in music, is known as a powerful mechanism in tackling issues of psychological disquiet and this platform is an accessible programme which can be used by anyone - no musical background required. We are creating a unique product which combines music creativity with guided meditation, which locks directly into injury rehabilitation.


The 637 App

Simple but powerful tools allow individuals to create their own immersive soundscape whilst guided meditation helps the athlete focus their mind, using creative productivity to move towards their preferred emotional and mental state - dependent on their stage of the healing process.  

Sitting alongside an athletes existing support mechanisms, 637 is designed to specifically complement the psychological support provided to address and minimise negative affective responses ranging from anxiety to extreme boredom.


The Potential 

Our approach is heavily based around research projects that we plan to carry out with our partner universities. 

The app is initially designed for the use in sports injury rehabilitation. However, it will eventually will expand to include any type of injury rehab. 

The software is also designed in such a way that makes it beneficial in the field of preventative complementary treatments. This relates to preventing injuries or lowering the risk of injuries as well as being fully mentally prepared for when they do happen.

Creative Music Making

Create yourself back to health

The app will guide the user through the music-making experience with ease and serenity. No prior knowledge is needed. 

Simple but powerful tools allow individuals to create their own immersive soundscape whilst guided meditation helps the athlete focus their mind.

The music functionality draws on all available emerging technologies in spatial audio and augmented reality.

The creative process is well-known to have a positive impact on our emotional and psychological condition, which in turn, impacts dramatically on the body's mechanisms of healing.

Task Orientated Meditation

A new way to focus

Task Orientated Meditation is a form of active meditation used while performing specific tasks.

637 integrates highly focused meditation techniques with the task of creating music.

The software is design to train the mind into making positive emotional and psychological habits, which then spill over into the rest of daily life.

Participants learn how to focus, how to control the active mind and how to use active music making techniques to manage anxiety.

Introducing 637

Watch our short video introducing the 637 app and software platform.

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